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Buoys and other weather measuring devices at sea

Mesomap of nearby weather buoys

 Air Temperature   Water Temperature   Wind Direction @ Speed   Wind Gust Speed   Barometer   Barometer Trend   Wave Height   Visibillity 

73.9°F - Wind from EE@22.4 mph - 30.24inHg +0.04inHg - -

58.5°F 63.0°F Wind from NNWNNW@11.4 mph 12.8mph 30.19inHg +0.04inHg - -

62.2°F 66.0°F Wind from NNENNE@5.8 mph 9.2mph 30.15inHg +0.04inHg - -

86.9°F 61.7°F Wind from NN@10.3 mph 11.4mph 30.16inHg +0.03inHg - -

70.0°F 69.6°F Wind from SSESSE@11.4 mph 15.0mph 30.21inHg +0.03inHg - -

58.3°F 70.9°F Wind from NNWNNW@8.1 mph 9.2mph 30.16inHg +0.03inHg - -

59.4°F 65.5°F Wind from NN@9.2 mph 11.4mph 30.18inHg +0.04inHg - -

67.8°F 71.2°F Wind from SESE@12.8 mph 15.0mph 30.27inHg +0.04inHg - -

73.6°F 73.6°F Wind from ESEESE@15.7 mph 17.9mph 30.18inHg +0.04inHg 1m -

73.9°F 73.6°F Wind from EE@11.2 mph 13.4mph 30.20inHg +0.04inHg 1m -

77.7°F 77.7°F Wind from ESEESE@20.1 mph 24.6mph 30.24inHg - - -

68.0°F - Wind from SESE@9.2 mph 12.8mph 30.24inHg +0.04inHg - -

No recent reports. Auger - Garden Banks at 9:30 pm: Air:. 73.9°F, Wind: E@22.4mph, Baro: 30.24inHg (+0.04), Port O'Connor, TX at 10:00 pm: Air:. 58.5°F, Water: 63.0°F, Wind: NNW@11.4mph, Gust: 12.8mph, Baro: 30.19inHg (+0.04), Port Isabel, TX at 10:00 pm: Air:. 62.2°F, Water: 66.0°F, Wind: NNE@5.8mph, Gust: 9.2mph, Baro: 30.15inHg (+0.04), Malaquite Beach, TX at 10:00 pm: Air:. 86.9°F, Water: 61.7°F, Wind: N@10.3mph, Gust: 11.4mph, Baro: 30.16inHg (+0.03), No recent reports. Calcasieu Pass, LA at 10:00 pm: Air:. 70.0°F, Water: 69.6°F, Wind: SSE@11.4mph, Gust: 15.0mph, Baro: 30.21inHg (+0.03), No recent reports. No recent reports. Potrero Lopeno SW, TX at 10:00 pm: Air:. 58.3°F, Water: 70.9°F, Wind: NNW@8.1mph, Gust: 9.2mph, Baro: 30.16inHg (+0.03), Baffin Bay, TX at 10:00 pm: Air:. 59.4°F, Water: 65.5°F, Wind: N@9.2mph, Gust: 11.4mph, Baro: 30.18inHg (+0.04), No recent reports. Sabine Pass North, TX at 10:00 pm: Air:. 67.8°F, Water: 71.2°F, Wind: SE@12.8mph, Gust: 15.0mph, Baro: 30.27inHg (+0.04), No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. Freeport, TX at 9:50 pm: Air:. 73.6°F, Water: 73.6°F, Wind: ESE@15.7mph, Gust: 17.9mph, Baro: 30.18inHg (+0.04), Waves:  1m West Gulf at 9:50 pm: Air:. 73.9°F, Water: 73.6°F, Wind: E@11.2mph, Gust: 13.4mph, Baro: 30.20inHg (+0.04), Waves:  1m Mid Gulf at 10:20 pm: Air:. 77.7°F, Water: 77.7°F, Wind: ESE@20.1mph, Gust: 24.6mph, Baro: 30.24inHg, Sabine, TX at 10:00 pm: Air:. 68.0°F, Wind: SE@9.2mph, Gust: 12.8mph, Baro: 30.24inHg (+0.04),

ID Name Time CST Air °F Water °F Wind mph Gust mph Baro inHg Trend inHg Waves m
42362Brutus - Green CanyonNo recent reports.
42361 Auger - Garden Banks 9:30 pm 73.9 - E Wind from E 22.4 - 30.24 +0.04 -
PCNT2 Port O'Connor, TX 10:00 pm 58.5 63.0 NNW Wind from NNW 11.4 12.8 30.19 +0.04 -
PTIT2 Port Isabel, TX 10:00 pm 62.2 66.0 NNE Wind from NNE 5.8 9.2 30.15 +0.04 -
MQTT2 Malaquite Beach, TX 10:00 pm 86.9 61.7 N Wind from N 10.3 11.4 30.16 +0.03 -
FPTT2Freeport, TXNo recent reports.
CAPL1 Calcasieu Pass, LA 10:00 pm 70.0 69.6 SSE Wind from SSE 11.4 15.0 30.21 +0.03 -
FGBL1High Island 334No recent reports.
42038North Mid Gulf of MexicoNo recent reports.
RSJT2 Potrero Lopeno SW, TX 10:00 pm 58.3 70.9 NNW Wind from NNW 8.1 9.2 30.16 +0.03 -
BABT2 Baffin Bay, TX 10:00 pm 59.4 65.5 N Wind from N 9.2 11.4 30.18 +0.04 -
RTOT2RTNS Offshore, TXNo recent reports.
SBPT2 Sabine Pass North, TX 10:00 pm 67.8 71.2 SE Wind from SE 12.8 15.0 30.27 +0.04 -
PTAT2Port Aransas, TXNo recent reports.
42044PS-1126 TABS JNo recent reports.
42043GA-252 TABS BNo recent reports.
42045PI-745 TABS KNo recent reports.
42047HI-A389 TABS VNo recent reports.
42046HI-A595 TABS NNo recent reports.
42020Corpus Christi, TXNo recent reports.
42019 Freeport, TX 9:50 pm 73.6 73.6 ESE Wind from ESE 15.7 17.9 30.18 +0.04 1
42002 West Gulf 9:50 pm 73.9 73.6 E Wind from E 11.2 13.4 30.20 +0.04 1
42001 Mid Gulf 10:20 pm 77.7 77.7 ESE Wind from ESE 20.1 24.6 30.24 - -
SRST2 Sabine, TX 10:00 pm 68.0 - SE Wind from SE 9.2 12.8 30.24 +0.04 -

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